Friday, May 24, 2013

Last day

Today was the last day of school. I only cried twice! Not counting yesterday! Today was nothing but cleaning and yearbooks and fun! We get out early on the last day and then we have a big staff luncheon to say goodbye to staff retiring or leaving the building. My principal is leaving and I gave her an Origami Owl locket.
I read Last Day Blues to the kids today (fitting as I read First Day Jitters the first day of school) and that would be the first time I cried! They all came up and gave me a group hug! Aren't they sweet!
This is the shirt I made from HTV for the last day and my "student teacher" she was my biggest helper all year! I had her in kindergarten too! Her mom was my long term sub when I had Lil Miss!

After I finsihed cleaning up and checked out we went out to dinner at 54th street with my inlaws then to Aspen Leaf  as is our last day of school tradition (ice cream)!

This is the older two with my niece in their shades from Grandma and Grandpa at Aspen Leaf.

Pic of my oldest and I on the last day! We survived another year! I can't believe I will have two of my kiddos with me in my building next year!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day before the Last Day!

It is the Thursday before the last day of school and I am a mess! I love love love this class and do not want to let them go! They were my last class as kindergarteners and I love them to pieces! Today was our awards assembly and one of my student who got several awards afterwards hugged me and told me that it was because of me that she was able to earn the awards that she did now tell me that doesn't want to make you bawl! Cause it did me! I am so not ready for tomorrow and letting go of these guys! But I did make them some treats tonight that I wanted to share!

This will be on their desk when they come in, first thing in the morning!

This I will hand them as they walk out the door!

I got this idea from, The Learning Tree

And this is for my parents who helped out this year, usually I do a fun hand soap but I had the most amazing helpful parents this year and SO many that I had to downsize to hand sanitizer!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of Year Teacher Gifts

Finally finished my end of the year teacher gifts last night! And not a moment too soon as today It's Blake's last day of preschool! I think they turned out quite cute.
This is the basket for Blake's head teacher Miss Jane. His other teacher Miss Davina has a garden bag. In them I put goo gone every teachers dream at the end of the year, hand sanitizer, chocolates ( the good kind) a water bottle I made with cameo and a shirt made with cameo and a $5  sonic card for one and coffee for the other!
This is the water bottle I made. The name of the preschool is Lil Tots!
Here is a picture of the shirts I made, not the greatest picture the glitter reflects a lot! It was my first time using HTV and I love it! I am addicted!
I also made a Lil somethin for our librarians, they are so good to me! So I had to hook them up. 
Kaden's teacher is getting nail polish, goo gone, hand sanitizer she wouldn't appreciate the hand made stuff so she's not getting any!
Tonight is Blake's preschool graduation then I have Lil gifts for my kiddos and parent helpers to work on! What a long week!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Famous Missourians

One of the kiddos favorite projects is always famous Missourians! I always end the year in Social Studies with this! We have done Wax Museum, Bottle Buddies, Paper Doll Books and this year Cut Out Posters! They researched a famous Missourian using note cards with questions provided. There are 10 note cards each with a topic on the back that they write the source and info on we collaborate with the Library for this (it is similar to my Scientist Collage project). They then created a poster leaving an oval where the face goes blank. They cut out the oval and stick their face in it :) to read their biography!

Here is a group picture after presenting!

Monday, May 13, 2013

NGSS - Standards!

If you teach Science at any level I am hoping you know that there are new Standards released last month. If not you do now! Please go look at them HERE. Something for you to do in all your "free time" this summer. I feel like I barely figured out the GLES and now I have new standards to change to! To make it easier on me I made a check list and I can posters. I actually have a ton less standards but they are much broader! I have posted the checklist for 4th in my TPT store as well as 3rd and 5th. I also made I can's for the students. They are in my store as well!
Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me add pictures this morning so I will try and add them later!

Just go HERE to check them out!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Welcome to my new little teaching blog! It is a work in progress but I hope to share lots of lesson ideas, classroom ideas and such with you soon!