Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day before the Last Day!

It is the Thursday before the last day of school and I am a mess! I love love love this class and do not want to let them go! They were my last class as kindergarteners and I love them to pieces! Today was our awards assembly and one of my student who got several awards afterwards hugged me and told me that it was because of me that she was able to earn the awards that she did now tell me that doesn't want to make you bawl! Cause it did me! I am so not ready for tomorrow and letting go of these guys! But I did make them some treats tonight that I wanted to share!

This will be on their desk when they come in, first thing in the morning!

This I will hand them as they walk out the door!

I got this idea from, The Learning Tree

And this is for my parents who helped out this year, usually I do a fun hand soap but I had the most amazing helpful parents this year and SO many that I had to downsize to hand sanitizer!

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