Friday, May 24, 2013

Last day

Today was the last day of school. I only cried twice! Not counting yesterday! Today was nothing but cleaning and yearbooks and fun! We get out early on the last day and then we have a big staff luncheon to say goodbye to staff retiring or leaving the building. My principal is leaving and I gave her an Origami Owl locket.
I read Last Day Blues to the kids today (fitting as I read First Day Jitters the first day of school) and that would be the first time I cried! They all came up and gave me a group hug! Aren't they sweet!
This is the shirt I made from HTV for the last day and my "student teacher" she was my biggest helper all year! I had her in kindergarten too! Her mom was my long term sub when I had Lil Miss!

After I finsihed cleaning up and checked out we went out to dinner at 54th street with my inlaws then to Aspen Leaf  as is our last day of school tradition (ice cream)!

This is the older two with my niece in their shades from Grandma and Grandpa at Aspen Leaf.

Pic of my oldest and I on the last day! We survived another year! I can't believe I will have two of my kiddos with me in my building next year!

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