Monday, June 17, 2013

Made it Monday

I have been cooking much more since school is out and have been trying a few new recipes to boot. My family appreciates this!
First up I *tried* to make these yummy Salted Caramel Pretzel Brownies that a co-worker said she actually made and shared the pin - should be easy right since someone else I know actually successfully made them?!?!? WRONG I attempted them twice! The second time might have worked if my boys hadn't eaten them before I added the topping!
Cut brownies into squares.
This is what they are supposed to look like and the directions can be found HERE
The first time I didn't read the directions so well and I was using my phone instead of the ipad! Lesson Learned - read directions Mrs. M! like I said the second time might have worked but I haven't given it another try yet! TIPS - use small pretzels, find the thickest caramel you can!
Second up a fave that is so good I didn't get a picture of it before we started shoving it in our mouths!!!!!
Pizza Casserole! A dear friend of mine in High School taught me how to make this dish and it is a simple kid pleaser!
Pizza Casserole
1 lb Hamburger - browned and drained - I season mine with Garlic, onion, and Ital Seasoning
1/2 jar spaghetti sauce
1 pkg give or take of your favorite Mozzerella or Italian Cheese
1 can refrigerated biscuit dough

First place cooked and drained ground beef in bottom of 9x13 baking dish, layer pepperoni on top of hamburger as shown

Layer Cheese on top of pepperoni - you actually don't want too much cheese (hard to believe right?!?! I am usually of the more cheese the better opinion, but not in this recipe!)

Then top with biscuits, tearing to fill in spaces as needed.

Bake according to the directions on the can of biscuits. Let sit for about 5 min before serving with a salad - (if you can wait that long)

Next up - the world's EASIEST Banana Bread!

Seriously it is so good and so easy! Just the other day my 5 year old Boo says to me
Boo - look mom brown bananas, you know what that means
Me - Banana Bread?
Boo - no Happiness because we can MAKE banana bread!
So if you want some happiness in your life go HERE and get the details!

Lastly, I finished up a project for my house! Ever since I saw THIS pin, I have wanted to make my own version! Andrew bought the wood, painted and distressed it for me then I cut out the vinyl and applied it glued the blocks together (wrong I might add the names and the est.2006 should be switched) tied some ribbon around it and viola'! Super cute and I love it - not 100% sure where it's going yet. 

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Made it Monday

I have been working on lots of items both at home, in the kitchen and for school! Most recently I finished up my Whole Brain Teaching Rules Posters. I created these in PSE printed them out and matted them on matching cardstock. They are off to be laminiated!
They match my theme of polkadots and colors for my room. For the last two years it's just been black and gold (go Savages) but I am adding color this year for more options.
I will be adding these to my Teachers Pay Teachers store soon!

For more on Whole Brain Teaching Visit their website HERE.

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Stay tuned for more Whole Brain Teaching items and info as I try it out this year in my classroom!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Read a Loud Linky

I love love love reading to my kiddos! Mentor text, chapter books, whatever the case may be! For this linky it looks like its more longer chapter books suited to grade levels So I will try to stick with that!

First up - The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn

A colleague introduced this book to me and it HAS to be done as a read-a-loud! Ok well not really but it should be! It's go a surprise ending! Lissa and her father move to a new town for her father to write his book while being caretaker of "the Old Willis Place". Lissa longs for a friend in this new place and Diana hasn't had a friend in so long! She and her brother Georgie have been at the old Willis place for as long as they can remember and have a set of rules they must follow! Dianna must break the rules to be friend with Lissa, once she does, everything changes! Great fall read-a-loud! Leads kiddos to read other Hahn books!

Next up the Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

This is a lower level book but the dialect and subject matter make it  great for my 4th graders. It is a story about a Polish girl named Wanda. It is about bullying and standing by and watching bullying. It is a very poignant read excellent for students 3rd grade and up to get across the message that standing by while bullying takes place is nearly as bad as bullying itself.

Third - Holes by Louis Sachar

This is a GREAT boy book! It is also a very fun read-a-loud. It is a little higher level with it's twist of three stories woven together! Stanley Yelnats the 3rd is cursed because of his cursed no-good-pig stealing great great grandfather and is sent to Camp Greenlake due to being a victim of wrong place wrong time. There is no green and no lake at Camp Greenlake. There the boys dig holes looking for...well they don't know they are just to dig holes to improve their character! Great book!

Fourth - Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

This is a tale of the fountain of youth and everlasting life. Winnie discovers it and the family that drank from it. Will she reveal their secret? Will she drink from the fountain?
Higher level probably end of 5th grade.

The Sisters Grimm Fairytale Detectives Book #1

This is a fun, exciting read aloud! What if every Fairy tale you heard growing up was real? What if all those creatures really existed but were kept in one little town away from the normal world? Sisters Daphne and Sabrina Grimm are mysteriously abandoned by their parents they end up in Ferryport Landing with their Granny Relda who is a Fairy-tale Detective and introduces them to the interesting characters called EverAfters who inhabit the town.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Made er Tuesday?!?!

I wanted to link up with Made it Monday...but I just didn't get this done till late and couldn't take anymore time in front of the computer so I am posting today! So it's Made It Monday Tuesday.

I do TONS of Partner and Group work in my class room I am Kagan trained and love love love it!
However my kiddos (well not mine so much as the other groups that I have) are constantly forgetting the procedures for Group and Partner Work! So I made a little powerpoint to use at the beginning of the year and then display when we are doing group or partner work! It includes instructions on Face, Shoulder, and Criss Cross partners as well as What to do if You Don't Have a Partner!!!!
YAY! Hopefully this will help tons. 
I also created posters to print and post in the room all year long!

For a limited time - say the next week (or until I remember to switch it) the posters above are FREEBIES simply click on them for a High Resolution image to right click and save!
After that they will be low resolution and not good for printing but will be available in my TPT shop
The powerpoint is available there now as well as the posters if for some reason you would like to pay for them! If you like my work PLEASE follow my store!
If you aren't Kagan trained there is a very specific way of grouping and partnering students that matches High with Medium and Medium with Low to avoid frustration on everyone's part. 
1 - High
2- Medium
3- Medium
4 - Low
Criss Cross which partners High and Low should only be used when it is a relatively easy or non-academic partnering.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

Yay my first Currently!
Listening - to my kiddos what else my office/craft room is on the same floor across the hall from their bedroom so I can always hear them while I am in here!
Loving - Summer break and that the older two are doing the town we live in's Summer School it's only half days, they feed them breakfast and lunch and it's only 4 days a week so we still have plenty of time for the pool and such!
Thinking - I am glad I am not teaching summer school - the district I work for summer school is ALL day longer than a regular school day with no specials! YIKES! Money is good but not if you have to pay childcare which I would have to for lil miss!
Wanting - A Heat press - I have discovered HTV or heat transfer vinyl that I made my teacher gifts with and my last day of school shirt! I love it but a heatpress would make it much easier, however they are like $300 so probably not going to happen any time soon!
Needing -  to get off my rear and be more productive! I am tutoring this summer but besides that I have done much but read alot! I have much to do this summer!
Vacay Essentials - My kindle/ipad to read and play, sun and preferably sand and my family best part of summer is getting to see my husband a great deal more since he works 3-11!

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