Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Made it......um er Tuesday?!?!

I wanted to link up with Made it Monday...but I just didn't get this done till late and couldn't take anymore time in front of the computer so I am posting today! So it's Made It Monday Tuesday.

I do TONS of Partner and Group work in my class room I am Kagan trained and love love love it!
However my kiddos (well not mine so much as the other groups that I have) are constantly forgetting the procedures for Group and Partner Work! So I made a little powerpoint to use at the beginning of the year and then display when we are doing group or partner work! It includes instructions on Face, Shoulder, and Criss Cross partners as well as What to do if You Don't Have a Partner!!!!
YAY! Hopefully this will help tons. 
I also created posters to print and post in the room all year long!

For a limited time - say the next week (or until I remember to switch it) the posters above are FREEBIES simply click on them for a High Resolution image to right click and save!
After that they will be low resolution and not good for printing but will be available in my TPT shop
The powerpoint is available there now as well as the posters if for some reason you would like to pay for them! If you like my work PLEASE follow my store!
If you aren't Kagan trained there is a very specific way of grouping and partnering students that matches High with Medium and Medium with Low to avoid frustration on everyone's part. 
1 - High
2- Medium
3- Medium
4 - Low
Criss Cross which partners High and Low should only be used when it is a relatively easy or non-academic partnering.

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