Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Team Teaching a linky

I have been teaching for 10 years. The first 6 of those were in kindergarten the first year was in a rural district and then I moved to my current building the next five years were AWESOME. Even though we didn't team teach were were the best TEAM! We planned together every Wednesday, got together with the rest of our district Kindergarten teachers once a month and even all went to the I Teach K Conference in Vegas together! Then my principal decided (for no reason that I can find) to move me to 4th grade Science. See our 4th and 5th grades are Departmentalized which my friends is so NOT the same thing as a TEAM! We each teach our own thing Science for me, Math for another and ELA for the other two.  My first year there were 5 of us due to #'s but now we are down to just 4. We do not plan together we barely speak to each other. We all teach our own SS but even that's on our own. There are some very strong personalities on our team, mine included I will admit. We don't do anything the same. 3 of us are eMints teachers 1 hasn't been trained yet. It's not pleasant but to make the best of it these are my tips:

1. Have a clipboard that travels with each class - ours contains a daily behavior sheet to write when students receive Warnings, Have Late Work, and other behavior issues. It also contains absent sheets for students who are gone and we are supposed to write the missed assignments and put them with the absent sheet.

2. Communicate - this is one area we could REALLY stand to work on in my group. We do email each other on Friday or over the weekend the next week's assignments so that we can post them and the students can write them down each morning....that's about it but like I said we could stand to improve in this area.

3. Color code - We each have a color that we copy things on and label those classes with it helps the two of us that have 4 classes to keep up with organize things.

4. Stand up for yourself - do NOT let your team mates bully you or tell you that your thoughts/comments don't matter - they do!

5. Bite your tongue - keeping #4 in mind know when to bite your tongue and keep the peace for the good of the students!

That's all I've got!

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  1. We use the clipboard system and I definitely get your point with bite your tongue. :) We've all been there. :) Great post.
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