Friday, May 22, 2015

Five for Friday 5/22

Hiya! It's that time again!!! It's Friday!!!!! After today week 1 of summer school will be in the books! I am visiting family over the weekend and I have Monday off! YAY!


So as you probably gathered I am already out of school and today is my 4th day of summer school! Only 28 more to go after today! My current session is 4th and 5th grade remediation. (Read they have to come) so not super fun but we are making the best of it! The second 4 weeks is enrichment to give Title One kids more experiences and I will be doing 2nd and 3rd grade with a friend of mine! I am super excited about that session!


Um isn't it SUMMER break? It has been freakishly cold this week! I have worn sweats and jeans all week! It has been freezing! Not the way to start SUMMER break if you ask me!


Hanging Tough!!! On Tuesday I went to see Nelly, TLC and New Kids on the Block in Kansas City at the Spring Center! It was with a bunch of my former coworkers and it was so much fun. So many memories from the music going back to 5th grade!!!! It did make for a very tired day on Wednesday however!


Wednesday was my anniversary!!! I have been married NINE years! My hubby brought home Geno's calzones and pizza (AMAZING local pizza place) and he ordered me a New Vera purse, wallet and lanyard! Not super exciting but that's ok, maybe we will do something big next year for #10!


Thursday we went to Aspen Leaf Frozen yogurt. If you have never been you should really try it! They have all kinds of amazing frozen yogurt and all kinds of toppings. Be careful though you pay by the ounce!!!! We go every year for the end of school (this year we were just a little late)


There is still time to join in my celebratory blog hop for freebies and prizes!!! Just check out THIS blog post HERE!

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