Friday, June 19, 2015

5 for Friday! 6/19

Hiay! It's Friday.......that means 5 for Friday with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching!!
This has been a GREAT week for me!.
We started second session of summer school which is called Edison Experience. It helps give title, lower income students "experiences". I have 2nd and 3rd graders and they are awesome!
This week was community helpers week and here are some of our activities.
Had police officer and detective come talk.
Made me on the map craftivities.
Went to our local library for a neat animal program.
Went to the Conservation department.
Went bowling and to the park!
Also we are using looms to weave potholders for some local group/transitional homes that can use them!
The week went by super fast! Next week is ARTful Experience so I can't wait!!!
My new blog design is up!!! 
I just love it! I love everything about it! It was created by Gabby's Classrooms. She did a fabulous job. I highly recommend her! And I believe she has a giveaway going on right now.
I joined some awesome ladies who are hosting a TPT Seller Challenge. It is to improve your stats and online appearance overall. Here are my beginning stats.

The first challenge was Makeover Madness! To makeover one of the products in your TPT store. I am happy to say I have re-done 5 of my products in my TPT store! 
See the full blog post HERE.
I worked with a 1st grade teacher friend of mine to create several Scoot Addition games. You can purchase individual or a bundle and save some money! The bundle will continue to grow as I create more games!!
The kids always love scoot!



Click on any of the pictures to go to the scoot products!
I am working really hard to continue to get fit this summer! I am down another 4.2 pounds (17.8 total) and I survived my first kickboxing AND strength training class last night! 
Not going to lie I am SORE today! I hope it will really help me SEE results in the way my body looks and not just  the number on the scale!
That's all this week! See ya next week!


  1. Sounds like you've had a great week, i'm seeing the seller challenge everywhere I am dying to get involved with it but my to do list is so long already... trying to weigh up pros and cons and if I can manage one more thing! Eeek!!

  2. Hi Tessa!
    Your blog design is so cute! I love it!
    Congratulations on your weight loss! That is awesome :)

    Made with Love