Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Currently June 2015

WHAT? How on earth is it already June?!?!?!?
I have two weeks of my first session of summer school DONE!
8 days to go! Then 16 days for second session!

I LOVE linking up with Farley's currently!  This month she is taking donations for WAG. You can read more on her post.

So here goes for June!

Listening - to TLC!!! Been jamming to them and NKOTB and Nelly since the concert last month! lol
Loving - only 7 more days of session 1 of summer school. This group has been a challenge, they don't want to be there they HAVE to be there but we are doing great and on the downhill slope! My second group will be super fun and is more my grade level! 2nd and 3rd!
Thinking - about getting my masters I really should have just done it right after college! I am 99% sure I want to get it in reading with Reading Specialist but where through? I need it to be online. I want to go through MU but I know it's cheaper elsewhere.
Wanting - some pool time but this dang weather is just NOT cooperating! I want sunshine and blue skies! NOT rain and storms - I am over it!
Needing - to work on TPT items - that is my master summer plan along with 32 days of summer school and tutoring 2 days a week! Wish all that money was going towards something fun rather than saving for August and September when I will have NO paycheck.
Summer Lovin - Family time! I love the amount of time I get to spend with my kiddos in the summer!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the Therapeutic teacher for her week long summer kick off going on NOW! Today it's a MATH giveaway!


  1. Our weather hasn't been cooperating, either! I just bought a pool pass & would like to use it! :)

    I did my master's online through Marygrove College, and it was a great program for practicing teachers. You use your own classroom & students for projects. It really helped me analyze student work those 2 years..well, partially because it was assigned! Good luck!

    Happy Summer!
    First Grade Follies

  2. thank you so very much for your donation!!! I am needing some motivation too… PACK PACK PACK… later later later… ahhhhh