Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Linky - Favorite Way to Relax

Hiya! So summertime is the time when teachers get a little time to relax (when we aren't organizing, planning, taking classes, and getting ready for next year).

The Therapeutic Teacher is hosting a Linky Party as part of her Summer Bash! Read on to see how I like to relax.

Relaxing for me can be a challenge! I have 3 kids and it seems like we are always on the go! It takes me a while to get out of school mode (especially since I am teaching summer school) and get on a summer schedule. Right now since it has been chilly and rainy I am totally ok with still getting up and getting going, but once it starts warming up I will be longing to sleep in and lay by the pool.

Speaking of laying by the pool...

My favorite way to relax is just that laying by the pool and reading! Reading relaxes me but by the pool is my optimal location. I love taking my 3 kids to the pool but that is not exactly relaxing.

My summer reading list includes

Teaching with Intention

Teach Like a Pirate

Learn Like a Pirate

Those are my "teacher" books this summer.

39 Clues - Reading these with my son (I have read them he hasn't)


I am not sure what else. I would love something new to read. I like to read series.
I loved The Hunger Games
Harry Potter
Divergent Series

any suggestions for me?

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