Monday, June 15, 2015

TPT Challenge: Week 1 Makeover Madness

Hiya! I am linking up with 4 super awesome, AMAZING teachers today for the TPT Challenge! It is being hosted by Third in Hollywood, Sparkling in Second, Teach Create Inspire and The Peppy Zesty Teacherista

It's not too late to join so go check out their blogs to join in the fun

This week is Makeover Madness! Which is perfect because I am currently working on redoing many of the products in my store!!! I looked it up and I have been a member of TPT since 2010! WOW! I remember I started when I taught 4th grade Science and was having to write curriculum and start from scratch! I uploaded them and didn't think much about it! I became a "premium" member In August of 2013. My sales have slowly increased without much efffort. HOWEVER, now with no full time job, exisiting on subbing TPT has become a major source of income for me so this summer it has been my goal to completely re-do my store and update any products that need it. - UM that is turning out to be several! WHAT WAS I THINKING BACK THEN...oh wait I wasn't! lol

First up is a 100 Dresses Reader Response page I used in my classroom each year in 4th. I love the book. However that is all it was - one little page, MADE IN WORD, no pictures no graphics, this is close to what it looked like. Can you even believe it ever sold - let alone was in my top 10!?!?

Click on the picture to Grab it while it is on sale.

So I redid the whole thing (cause it was in word so I had to redo it in power point anyway).
I redid the original page.
Added 6 more pages so there are several more activities.
Added a cover!!!
I also added some clip art to make it a little more interesting!!!

What do you think?

I have two other products that I have redone this summer as well.

My book recommendation form - there are now 2 versions and they have clip art!

Book Recommendation Forms

Click on the picture to GRAB it while it is on sale!

My Scientific Process Hand out I really worked this one over! It went from one sheet, no cover, made in word, to 9 pages of Scientific Process activities, notebook pages, worksheets and more!

Scientific Process or Method Activities, Worksheets, Noteb

Click on the picture to GRAB it while it's on sale!

My blog is also getting a MAJOR makeover too! I am so excited about it! Gabby's Classrooms did an AMAZING job! IT is so me. She used my custom colors I created for my classroom and the polka dots too! I love it!! It should be ready THIS week!

I am struggling with updating some things in my store. For instance how do you go about pricing when you add LOTS of pages? Some things I combined products that were previously separate, so do you create a new listing, edit one of the listings? Any feedback and tips you have for this girl who's store is in a MAJOR Makeover would be greatly appreciated!

See ya next week for another challenge!


  1. I LOOOOOVE The Hundred Dresses! It is such a great book! Your new product cover with the additional pages looks fantastic, too!

    My rule of thumb when it comes to pricing is 10-20 cents per content page (so I don't count my cover or terms of use pages). If it was a super time intensive product, I keep that in mind when pricing, too.

    Can't wait to see your new blog design!

    Simply Creative in KY

  2. I would agree...10-20 cents per content page! And I feel ya on the Word oldies were all done in Word and it took for.EVER to just transfer to PowerPoint. But it was so much easier once I did!

    Good luck!
    The First Grade Roundup

    1. Thank you! I know I will be happier once they are all in PP!

  3. Ugh...I feel you on transferring things from word to powerpoint. It took me FOREVER to transfer my first couple of documents. These products look amazing and I cannot wait to pick up a copy for myself!

  4. Oh kill me now, WORD! haha I remember struggling through WORD. Thank goodness for PPT :) Your updates look great!

  5. It's always so rewarding not only to fix something up but add to it too! I think that is a beautiful thing about TPT-- people update a lot and it just feels like you get so much for your mula then!!

  6. My first products were made in Word too. Ugh! Your makeover looks great! I am moving to fourth grade next year and have never heard of that book. I'll have to look into it. Thanks!

    School and the City