Friday, August 14, 2015

5 for Friday August 14, 2015

Hiya! I haven't linked up with 5 for Friday since the beginning of July!!! Thinking my summer got a little cray cray! But it's been fun! I'm going to share 5 things from since I last did a 5 for Friday - so pretty much a recap of the last 5 weeks!! lol

July 17-18 We took a family trip to Kansas City. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and went to our second Sporting Kansas City game.

The kids all got ears, Kaden's were birthday ears. Blake was mad about something.

We did some shopping at the Legends outlets - side story Blake managed to gash his big toe so if you need to know where the first aid place is I can tell you.

The kids LOVED the water park!

The sporting KC game was great and they WON!

July 21-24 I was in Vegas with one of my former co-workers and besties! 
Me by the Statue of Liberty made out of chocolate. 

We saw a One Direction concert and the lead singer came up the stairs right by us!

We had a super fun night out on the town one night and I spent LOTS of time laying by the pool, and shopping! Of course shopping! I can't wait to go back next year for the TPT confrence!

July 30 - Aug 3 I was in Branson with my momma for a girls trip!

I have wanted to go with my mom to Branson (her favorite place) on a girls trip since my dad died and this year it worked out!

My mom's favorite thing to do is to sit by the lake particularly at Dewey short right by the top side of the dam. Sadly due to all the rain and flooding we couldn't set on the benches right by the lake but got some good sit time at the new observatory.

We ate at a new restaurant called Pasghettis. It was good and great atmosphere! Definitely going back there on another trip!

We also shopped (a LOT). Went on a wine tour at Stone Hill Winery, and spent time in Springfield (where I went to college).

It was a great trip!

Last week I was super focused on the TPT sale and then Saturday we had a family reunion!

There are TONS of new products in my store! Go check it out!

This week Lindsay from Primary Polka Dots and I announced our Trade Book Tuesday Linky party that starts this coming Tuesday! The book skill is Ask and Answer Questions. We would love it if you would join up with us this month and every month on the Third Tuesday of the month!

Whew! And I'm all caught up just in time for school to start Monday.


  1. Hi Tess, I just love your blog. It is adorable! Sounds like you had some great vacations. That is so sweet you had the chance to do a girl's trip with your Mom. Looking forward to participating in your link up. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!