Sunday, August 30, 2015

Computer Crash of the century and other random craziness!

Have you ever thought well things can't get any worse than this.....and then they do? That is me the last two weeks. Not once but multiple times! Anything that can go wrong HAS! We are all ok but my computers are not :( My laptop crashed and so that motivated me to back up my desk top (where most of my files are) and in the middle of backing it up it died! This came on the tail end of bad news, major appliances breaking down, rare fungal outbreak on the kids, and vandalism to one of our cars. Needless to say I felt like giving up and throwing in the proverbial towel. But amazing friends and words of encouragement and a savings account built up thanks to TPT and an amazing faith in God and that he will see us though has kept me going. We are all ok and will be ok just letting you know not to expect much from my blog for a while. :(

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