Friday, October 2, 2015

Currently October '15

Welcome to October the busiest month there is for some reason!!

Listening to the boys making Dub Smash videos -they are pretty funny
Loving my new Plum Paper Planner!!!!
Thinking wow! October is always such a busy month! Time to gear up!
Wanting a salted caramel mocha - pretty much always!
Needing my computer to be fixed ugh! My lap top AND desk top crashed at the end of August and I still don't have them back or even my files off of them! I had all my current TPT products saved on a jump drive but not in progress ones - those were my next to back up, or my clipart or papers and such!
Boo-tiful - my precious daughter is boo-tiful. I love all my children I really do but she is something special I tell ya! They baby and it's like she's my reward for 2 boys. She has so much personality and cute wrapped up in her little 3 1/2 year old self!