Sunday, November 1, 2015

Currently November 15

So I am in the middle of a rough long term position and between that and my computer crisis I feel like I have neglected my poor blog! I will be done with the long term after Thanksgiving and have big plans for then! Please stay tuned and have a wonderful November!!!

Listening to the Royals in the World Series!!!!!!
Loving that tomorrow is my birthday!!!
Thinking I hope this game ends in regular innings I need SLEEP!
Wanting a fun way to celebrate my birthday. There are a lot of my friends who have birthdays around now too so we have been celebrating like once a week! I want to do something just not sure what.
Needing again SLEEP haha! PT conferences, time change and Royals baseball got me TIRED!
Yummy - My favorite Thanksgiving food is Mashed Potatoes and WHITE gravy or country gravy. I use Pioneer Woman's recipe which my mother-in-law informed me is from a really old "country cook book". They are pinned on my pinterest board under Thanksgiving!