Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Currently December 15

Hiya, blog world friends!  I love Farley's currently! It seems to be pretty much the only time I blog lately!

Listening to Christmas carols! Am I alone in this? Not until after Thanksgiving and I stop December 26th!
Loving that my long term in 4th grade is over! I am definitely a primary girl at heart! I thought maybe it was just being departmentalized in my last school but no K-2 is my happy place!
Thinking I wish my Ava girl was feeling better! We ran all kinds of errands Monday and she was a super trooper but she got sick that night and is still sick! We have a doctor appointment later today.
Wanting my hip to get better. I managed to dislocate it and the chiropractor is working miracles with it and I am in much less pain than I was but I'm not cleared for Zumba yet (gee I wonder why). 
Needing a nap! Ava was up most of the night puking, good thing I'm not subbing!
Fake tree cause I'm allergic to pine tree sap!

That's all for now friends! Stay strong, December is a short teaching month but it sure doesn't feel like it!