Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently January 2016

Hiya! Happy New Year ya'll!
I hope you are doing wonderful!
I had the most wonderful holidays even with Andrew having to work Christmas day! It's not new for us but it was different this year with him being in Detectives!

Listening to silence the kids are still at my inlaws from us going out last night and the house is SOOOO quiet! It's been non-stop noise so I am really trying to soak this up and enjoy it!
Loving all the new friends we have made this year! We went to Kansas City to Swaggat Indian resteraunt last night and it was so much fun!
Thinking, I can't believe my Ava baby is 4! How did that happen?!?!? I am making the rainbow cupcakes that she found on youtube for her birthday party today. She is so incredibly sweet, and smart and funny! There is so much personality in such a small package!
Wanting more coffee, pretty much always!
Needing - nothing! I am so super content with my life right now! I am sure it will change but I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts!
One Little Word - I have done the OLW for years! Even have jewelry from different years and scrapbook pages! This year took me forever to figure out a word...but I'm settled on FOCUS. Focus on what matters, focus on the here and now, focus on God's plan for my life!

That's it folks! Thanks for stopping by!

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