Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Currently March 2016

Hiya!!!! Our March came in like a lion how about you????? Yesterday it got up to 70 degrees and then this morning it was freezing and felt like 20 or something! 

My favorite thing about a new month is Farley's Currently! So read mine then go check it out HERE.

Listening... to Shadow Hunters - have you seen it? I read the books and have the movie it's one of my weird geek out book/movie/nowshows!
Loving... #onetribe! I spent Saturday watching some great Periscopes and Blabs including the first Teacherprenuer Telesummit Blab! IT was so great! I love the idea that big fish, small fish we are all fish in this TPT ocean!!! We are #onetribe!
Thinking ... about snow days! I hate snow but I love snow days and we have not had ONE this year! My district builds in TEN, I get paid if I work those days because I am a sub but if I was a regular teacher nope 10 free days! Does your district build in snow days? How many? How many have you had this year?
Wanting ... coffee always - this is nothing new if you follow me on Instagram you know I have a deep love and appreciation for coffee!
Needing ...good strength training videos. I am a Zumba, kickboxing girl but back in November I hurt my hip doing Zumba and am still working at getting it back to normal. The head chiro told me to try no Zumba or kickboxing for awhile and just strength training and walking/running so I need videos I only know of one strength training class I like in my town! She suggested 4 a week, so I need 3 more! Leave me a comment PLEASE!
Polling place... No schools in Missouri are polling places any longer and have been that way for several years! Thank goodness because it's ridiculous!


  1. Hi Tessa! Unfortunately, I do not know of any strength training videos but you could probably find something on youtube to help with that.

    The #onetribe quote is correct! I didn't see the blab, but wish I did. Do they host it every Saturday?

    I don't like snow days either so I'm not too upset about not having them. If we did, we would only have to make them up which could extend into our summer or use some of our weekend days.

    I hope you continue to have a great week! Happy Teaching!

    1. You can still watch it I believe. It is going to be the last Saturday of the month I believe?

  2. I love snow days..probably because I rarely get them. We should have had one yesterday, we were the only district in the county who had school. Makes no sense! We have six days built in but our district rarely uses them :(

  3. I've never heard of #onetribe but it sounds like a great time. As for snow days, not in Texas. I think the last time we saw substantial snow was in 1984 or so. Have great month!

  4. Hi Tessa! I have never heard of #onetribe either, but it sounds interesting. I DO keep seeing people talking about watching Periscope on Instagram, but it looks like the app costs $20, and I'm hesitant to spend that kind of money until I'm sure it will be worth it. We do have snow days here in Tennessee, but the snow usually melts by noon. It's really just the ice on the roads that makes them cancel school. We don't have salt truck here to clear it. I know there are all kinds of free workout videos online, as well as some apps that charge per month. I admire your workout ethic! The last time I injured my back I stopped exercising all together! Our school is not a polling place, but I have worked at some that were. It's insane in this day and age! I wish they would change it everywhere! It's been fun reading your Currently. :) Have an awesome week! Carol's Garden

    1. Many blabs you can still watch or periscopes on katch you don't have to have the account I have watched several on katch. Sheila Jane's iteachTVnetwork has loads of good periscopes! You can even look by topic!

  5. We don't usually get snow days here near the coast of SC. Our school district does build in 3 weather days per year but these are usually because of tropical storms or hurricanes. Our school is not a polling place thankfully!