Saturday, May 21, 2016

End of the Year Memories and Awards

Hiya! Are you out of school yet? Yes - Congratulations! No - I feel your pain, I am sure you are counting down the days trying to provide meaningful activities that keep your students engaged but are as little work for you as possible!
Well I have the perfect solution for you!
End of the Year Memory Books!
My students LOVE these and so do their parents. Get it now for the end of this year then work on them throughout the year next year and save a few page for the end of the year.

These memory books include
Cover Page options for Kindergarten, First, and Second
First and Last Day
My Teacher

Other Teachers
All About Me'
Pumpkin Patch
Halloween and Fall Party
Winter and Christmas Party
Polar Express
Valentine's Day
Field Trip

Trip to the Zoo
Field Day
Class Pet
Look How Much I Learned
and Autographs

A tip about the autograph page - have each teacher sign THEN copy. I do the same for the student autograph page. 

We also make 4th quarter folders.

In these folders I put all of the notes, awards, grade card and other items for the 4th quarter to go home, it helps their awards and grade card stay nice (I hope).

Speaking of awards...
We give out state awards, building awards, grade level awards and then I give out my own classroom awards.
I do this so that every student gets an award.

There is a recording sheet that students can vote or you can record who receives which award.

My students and their parents love these awards! When I was switched from Kindergarten to 4th grade I had 4th graders who remembered them and even got the same one again in 4th!!!! They loved that!

For convienience I have bundled the awards and memory book together and you can save some money check the bundle out HERE. I hope this makes your end of the year easier, hang in there! Summer is almost here!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Sale Tips and Giveaway!!!!! a wishlist linky

Hiya! It is May my friends! For many of us this is the last month of teaching. I am currently in my last full week of teaching! We get out next week on Thursday! This year has flown by! Even the last 7 weeks which I have taught full time with no breaks! I know rough right?
I am almost certain that this is why Teacher Appreciation week falls the first week of May! It's that last little umph to get us through the end of the year. It reminds us that we are appreciated even if we don't always feel like it!
PTA/PTO's are celebrating teachers, parents send in things (note to self: finish kid's gifts for their teachers), even major retailers take notice and give teachers extra discounts!
My favorite of all of these starts tomorrow! The Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher Appreciation Sale!!! A chance to purchase materials for next year at up to 28% off! Or to purchase materials for summer school for those of us crazy, lucky enough to be teaching for an extra 4-8 weeks!

Tips for a GREAT time during the Teachers Pay Teachers Appreciation Sale.
1. Make sure you have left feedback to earn TPT Credits!
Yes that's right when you leave feedback on your purchases each $ you spent earns you 1 TPT Credit.
20 Credits =$1 FREE just for leaving feedback! I was talking to a coworker today who DID NOT know about this! She is so excited to get even more during the sale tomorrow!
A tip I learned today you can go into my purchases and filter out: Needs Feedback to make sure you haven't missed any!
2. Buy from sellers who's products are on sale for 20% off! Not all sellers are on sale and they can choose how much to discount their products. To get the most bang for your buck choose products that are 20% off.
3. Buy bundles! Bundles are more than one product bundled together to save you money! Buy them during the sale and you will save even more!!!
4. Redeem gift cards, if you have received a TPT gift card you can redeem it during the sale! To check the balance go HERE. Oh and you have a chance to WIN a $10 TPT gift card from me if you keep reading, so be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post!
Not sure what to get?
Here are some suggestions from my store:
1. My End of the Year bundle. It's awards and a memory book to keep them busy and learning and reward all of their hard work this past year. And it's bundled! So you are already saving money PLUS the sale!!!!
*Bundle* End of the Year Memory Books and Awards Kindergar

2. My Teacher Binder Planner Bundle. NOW is the time to start thinking about getting organized for next year! You have all summer to print everything out and plan out next year!  Be the rockstar person that everyone else secretly wishes they were as organized as next year!
Teacher Binder Planner
3. My Chris VanAllsburg Reader Response Bundle! 4 of my best selling reader response units for four amazing Chris Van Allsburg books! Bundled to Save you money!
Chris VanAllsburg Reader Response Bundle CCSS Aligned

4. My Text Based Evidence Graphic Organizers - these will have your students practicing giving text based evidence on a variety of skills from any text ALL YEAR LONG!
Text Based Evidence Graphic Organizers {Common Core Aligned}

Those are some of my highest wish listed items and I think you might find them useful! I am linking up with Jen from Teaching in the Tongass to share wish list suggestions for the sale!
Wait don't leave yet! If you have made it this far you deserve a reward!
How about a chance to win a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card! (Which is actually going to get you more than $10 worth of stuff during the sale!) Simply enter the raffle copter below and I will choose a winner early Wednesday morning so that you still have plenty of time to shop!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Currently - the final currently :(

Hiya! Not even 2 weeks, 9 days left with kiddos this year! Yes we get out crazy early (IMO) but I have 8 weeks of summer school after that so don't get too jealous! 
I love love love Farley's Currently and I am so incredibly sad that this is the VERY last currently ever! I found so many teacher bloggers through Farley's Currently! I have been reading it long before I started my blog and started participating in it!

Listening to Frozen for the 4 zillionth time. My daughter Ava still loves it and still watches it at least once a week!

Loving my end of the year awards! They are so cute and everyone will get "an award". 

They are also part of my End of the Year Bundle that includes the awards and a memory book. You can click on the picture above if you are interested.

Thinking about summer! With only 9 days left I can feel summer, it is SO close! Yes I am teaching summer school but it's only 4 days a week and half days at that! I am so ready for summer! Time with my kids and friends, lots of time at the pool. It is so close!

Wanting coffee! Always.

Needing a pedicure. I got one over spring break but it is time for another one.

Truth I am crazy super proud of how good my hubby is at his job, even though it means he has to drop everything at a moment's notice go in, or to Michigan for 3 days leaving me to do the work of both parents! He is the top CSI in his department and he is REALLY good at what he does.