Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Currently - the final currently :(

Hiya! Not even 2 weeks, 9 days left with kiddos this year! Yes we get out crazy early (IMO) but I have 8 weeks of summer school after that so don't get too jealous! 
I love love love Farley's Currently and I am so incredibly sad that this is the VERY last currently ever! I found so many teacher bloggers through Farley's Currently! I have been reading it long before I started my blog and started participating in it!

Listening to Frozen for the 4 zillionth time. My daughter Ava still loves it and still watches it at least once a week!

Loving my end of the year awards! They are so cute and everyone will get "an award". 

They are also part of my End of the Year Bundle that includes the awards and a memory book. You can click on the picture above if you are interested.

Thinking about summer! With only 9 days left I can feel summer, it is SO close! Yes I am teaching summer school but it's only 4 days a week and half days at that! I am so ready for summer! Time with my kids and friends, lots of time at the pool. It is so close!

Wanting coffee! Always.

Needing a pedicure. I got one over spring break but it is time for another one.

Truth I am crazy super proud of how good my hubby is at his job, even though it means he has to drop everything at a moment's notice go in, or to Michigan for 3 days leaving me to do the work of both parents! He is the top CSI in his department and he is REALLY good at what he does.

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  1. Ah Frozen, great movie and song :) I'm so sad it's the LAST currently! I'm hoping to find something similar so we can all have something to connect us again!!

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